“Its like Dave Chappelle meets David Blaine, Awesome!”  - Mills Entertainment

Born in Newark, NJ on December 3rd 1989 and raised in NYC, It wasn’t until he was 12 years old when Ace’s theater director showed him his first illusion and ignited an unparalleled passion. While gaining some success competing against other young illusionist around the country, Ace quickly realized that he wasn’t satisfied and decided to take on new challenges with his art form. After high school, he was approached to become a consultant for an entertainment group called The Harlem James Gang. Members of the group created original music, fashion and dance and wanted to add magic to their stage show. After the first meeting, the group extended and invitation that Ace could not refuse, membership into the group. The entertainment troupe experienced amazing success which included making it to the Top 20 of NBC hit TV Americas Got Talent! They Have Performed everywhere from the world famous Apollo Theater to Ahoy Stadium in the Netherlands. Countless celebrities praised their work and in 2009 they were invited to perform for Madonna staff in a private appearance during the European leg of her “Sticky and Sweet Tour”. The show was in tribute to Madonna’ son Rocco’ 10th birthday and took place at Chateau Troja in the Czech Republic. The group even appeared on the 3rd season Americas Got Talent were they made it to the top 20 of the competition. In the summer of 2011 Ace produced his one-man show “Deceptions” at the workshop theater in NYC. The show went up for one night only and had to turn people away at the box office because the show sold out in only two weeks after the ticket release. That was only the beginning for Ace and his team, in the fall of 2013 an opportunity like unlike any other presented itself; Kid Ace was offered a chance to headline his new one man show “Underground Magic” at the Elektra Theatre in the heart of times square. The show ran from throughout the fall of 2012 and closed in the spring of 2013. The after effects were extremely satisfying; the production provided a huge boost to Ace’s social media presence. Capitalizing off of that momentum Kid Ace signed a contract to headline Soft Touch productions “Circus Bahamas: MAGIC AND DANCE” show which toured between several Islands of the Bahamas. During the rigorous schedule of performing three shows a day, everyday for two consecutive weeks; Kid Ace also promoted the show with other members of the production on radio and major Bahamian TV stations such as ZNS. In 2015 Kid Ace was featured in the NFL SUPERBOWL Promotional Commercials for the NFL NETWORK and you can now catch him on tour around the world at different theaters and universities.